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Kids Picks

These are more than just bestselling kids audiobooks, these are the kind of stories that make every listener beg for “just five more minutes” of listening time!

Heather S., Audible Editor
I'm From the Sun By: Morgan Taylor
“Gustafer Yellowgold is full of heartfelt life lessons—paired with songs that will keep kids singing along. You might find yourself humming “I’m From the Sun” and wondering how things are going for a young Sunling.”
Laurie Berkner's Song and Story Kitchen By: Laurie Berkner, The Laurie Berkner Band
“The kitchen isn’t only a place for cooking, it’s a place to make memories. Create memories with Laurie Berkner and Thelonious Pig. Kids and parents can dance-along and cook-along - and don’t worry, recipes are included!”
Zero G By: Dan Wells
“ I was hooked immediately to Zero G. As the story turned from a tale about space travel to an adventure about ingenuity and survival, I found myself brainstorming solutions right beside 12-year-old Zero – a space hero indeed.”