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Audiobooks coming soon

Audiobooks coming soon

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Your audiobook questions answered here

Strictly speaking, audiobooks are voice recordings of the text of a book that you can listen to rather than read. If you enjoy listening to great storytelling, Audible audiobooks offer outstanding performances of highly praised and wildly popular fiction and nonfiction across every category. Audible narrators include award-winning voice artists (check out our Narrator Hall of Fame) and A-list actors. Beyond the best audiobooks, Audible features original audio productions, from documentaries to plays.
No, Audible is a subscription service. As a new Audible member, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial membership, and after the first month of free listening, the standard monthly subscription fee is $14.95. (Click here for more details.) With your Audible membership, you’ll get discounts on audio content, special sales and deals, and, yes, free audiobooks. Every month, Audible members can choose two free Audible Originals from a selection of six featured titles. Members also get unlimited access to a collection of free audiobooks on topics from history to health and fitness, as well sci-fi thrillers, memoirs, and more.
The best way to buy the best audiobooks on Audible is by becoming a member. Each month, Audible members get credits to redeem for audio titles from our huge selection, spanning genres from self-development to mystery, business to romance. (There’s also a special membership package for listeners who love romance novels, Audible Escape). In addition to cashing in your credits, you can purchase Audible audiobooks with a debit or credit card. (Click here for answers to more questions about Audible membership.)
Downloading Audible audiobooks to your library is a snap with the Audible app. You can get it from the app store on your smartphone, tablet, or just about any device. Once you do that, downloading great listens only takes a few clicks. Click here for how-to tips.
Listening to the best audiobooks is easy… and super adaptable to your life. With the Audible app, you can listen to your Audible library on your smartphone (Apple, Android, or Windows), whether you’re working out or driving to work. You can also listen at home with Alexa and on a variety of devices—Amazon Kindle, iPad, PC, mp3, Sonos speakers, and more. Click here for how-to details and step-by-step support.
As an Audible member, you can take your pick of free audiobooks from a wide-ranging and frequently changing collection of listens. What’s more, every month you’ll get to choose two of our featured Audible Originals—exclusive audio titles, all produced in the Audible studios—to add to your library for free.
Audible Originals are exclusive audio titles created by celebrated authors, journalists, playwrights, and other storytellers, all produced in the Audible studios. Beyond traditional audiobooks, Audible Originals include groundbreaking documentaries, specially commissioned plays written for audio, scripted shows, self-dev sessions, and full-cast productions with soundscapes. Paving the way for storytellers to create audio entertainment in more exciting formats, Audible Originals are simply meant to be heard. Click here to discover our full collection.
Unabridged is the opposite of abridged: condensed versions of big and long books (think classics and epics), with content pared down to key plot elements—or sometimes to remove questionable passages. An unabridged audiobook has all its original parts in their original places. With an unabridged audiobook, you’ll listen to the whole and complete masterwork the way the author wrote it and intended for it to be experienced. Audible offers unabridged versions of many beloved literary classics, including our Audible Original Jane Austen collection, as well as fantasy epics like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.