Celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride with these daring, diverse voices.
Hear My Story
I’m a strong believer that celebrating our pride shouldn’t be confined to just one month of the year. There’s always an opportunity to celebrate ourselves and our identities, and to recognize the entire community that has helped pave the way for LGBTQIA+ progress. From historical accounts of activism to personal tales of self-discovery and expression, this collection aims to capture the diversity of the entire LGBTQIA+ experience. Whether you hope to reflect, ponder what lies ahead, or just celebrate how far we’ve come, take some time to embrace the spirit of activism and inclusivity that these stories represent. —Michael C., Audible Editor

Celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride with Tan France and Nikki Levy

Audible Pride is a recurring gathering of LGBTQIA+ employees and their supporters who assemble to engage, learn about, and celebrate topics that promote the community’s issues and interests. Audible Pride's mission is to promote respect and goodwill for Audible’s LGBTQIA+ employees by openly and positively engaging with fellow colleagues. In celebration of the LGBTQIA+ at Audible and beyond, Audible Pride members recommended a few of their must-listens. Find more recommendations from Audible Pride members here.