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Romance Author Katy Evans on the Power of Ultimate Book Boyfriends and Strong, Sexy Women
As the bestselling author of the Real series and the Manwhore series, Katy Evans has made her mark on the romance genre and Audible Romance editor Katie O'Connor was excited to get a chance to chat with her about all... Read now
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Going for 'Extra Credit': Tips for Supplementing a Public School Education
A Jeopardy! winner and Audible host redefines extracurricular activities with his teenage son. Read now
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How To Talk About What Matters with The People Who Matter Most
A renowned spiritual advisor offers tips for meaningful conversations in fraught times. Read now
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It's All About the Voice at Audible's In-House Studio Space
As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Audible, we spotlight how integral our work with narrators is to the rich fabric of our audio world, and how our fabulous studios help make that clear. Read now
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A Brief History on the Importance of ... Well, History, With Dan Jones
Once dubbed "England's edgiest historian," author Dan Jones delights in finding new ways to make history come alive for everyone - whether you thought it was for you or not. Read now
Just Run With It: 8 Books for Every Type of Runner
Newbie? Injured? Unmotivated? Ultrarunner? During marathon training season, there's an audiobook for everyone. Read now
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5 Unbelievable Celebrity Stories That Could Only Happen in 'Hold On with Eugene Mirman'
The 'Bob's Burger's' voice has a talent for getting boldfaced names to share bald-faced truths. Read now