Listening As An Antidote To Hate
Asian Americans are experiencing discrimination and xenophobia during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are 18 Asian American memoirs to help us celebrate each other's humanity. Read now
Arts & Culture
Erik Larson on How Winston Churchill Kept Calm in a Crisis
The blockbuster nonfiction author returns with an utterly gripping account of WWII-era family life and heroic leadership during one of history’s most anxious eras. Read now
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Space Oddities: The Surprising Lives Of Astronauts
Blast off with adventures of rocket scientists and bold explorers who dared to shoot for the moon—and soared through space. Read now
Arts & Culture
Listening In The Time Of COVID-19
As we adjust to our new normal in this time of isolation, we’ve found solace and camaraderie in our Audible libraries. Some of our editors like to escape with listens that are hopeful and light, while some lean into the darkness. We hope you’ll find something to relate to, no matter where you are—mentally, spiritually, and physically. Read now
Arts & Culture
Tips And Resources To Help With Working From Home
As more people are making arrangements to work from home, our partners on the Audible for Business team have collected a number of titles to help smooth the transition. They've got you covered on topics such as virtual collaboration, productivity, and communication. Read now
Arts & Culture
Hilary Mantel Reminds Us Who's The Boss As She Finishes The Wolf Hall Trilogy
The esteemed author shares how her latest novel, 'The Mirror and the Light,' completes her series on Thomas Cromwell and how actor Ben Miles evolved beyond stage portrayal to become a trusted collaborator. Read now