Black History Month

Black History: No Boundaries

Revisit the classics and go beyond with boundary-breaking
contemporary authors, up-and-comers, and new tastemakers.
The way we as a society look at Black History Month has evolved with our greater understanding of what it means to look at the full range of Black life, with so many different paths and viewpoints but a shared experience of what it often means to be Black in America. Yes, that means keeping an unflinching eye on the atrocities of slavery and the Jim Crow era, the struggles of the Civil Rights movement, and the continued fight against the systemic racism of today. But that also means we can wrap ourselves in the beauty of our finest writers who often weave those truths together with our other truths—our capacity for Black joy, creativity, and determination. Those things together remind us that despite the limitations imposed by the world at any given point, no boundaries can truly hold us back. —Abby, Audible Editor

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