Women's History

Women's History Month

Listen to women in all of their wisdom.
Women’s History Month is an opportunity for us to collectively celebrate the history, triumphs, and truths of all women. At a time when it feels as though our rights are constantly being questioned, let us look to the women who came before us for inspiration in our continued efforts to be heard. At a time when we mourn the loss of voices who shaped generations—bell hooks, Joan Didion, Anne Rice, Cicely Tyson—let us look to new voices who speak our truths. At a time when we are making history with female representation in government, let us revel in our hope for the future. Here you can enjoy stories from women who use their gifts to entertain, to educate, to uplift, and to ensure that we are always heard. —Katie, Audible Editor

State of Terror author co-authors Louise Penny and Hillary Rodham Clinton