Women's History: Voices of Action
Why do we need a separate month for women’s history? This was a question raised by my curious and sensitive 8-year-old daughter. Her point is well-taken: shouldn’t we always be honoring women’s contributions to society and culture, regardless of the date on the calendar? Her innocent observation opened the door for us to talk about how women have sometimes had to work extra hard to have our voices heard, and how this is even more true for women of color and LGBTQIA+ women. Little did she know it, this was my daughter's first lesson in intersectional feminism (but hopefully not her last).

Here you'll find a rich range of women who have used their tremendous gifts for storytelling to lift us all, regardless of where we came from. —Courtney, Audible Editor

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Celebrate Women's History Month and get a little smarter with one of these three ready-for-listening lectures from The Great Courses.

Powerful Women of the Medieval World By: Dorsey Armstrong, The Great Courses
Warriors, Queens, and Intellectuals: 36 Great Women Before 1400 By: Joyce E. Salisbury, The Great Courses
America’s Founding Women By: Cassandra Good, The Great Courses