Asian and Pacific Heritage

Celebrate the breadth of Asian and Pacific Islander stories.
My Chinese-Taiwanese grandma used to say that our Asian community comes from a long line of spoken words. From the ancient deities in our fairy tales about world creation, to the heroes whose achievements are in our epic poems, we are the descendants of storytelling.
Stories help us form our voice, discover our place in both old and new worlds, and define our identity in the continuum of time. Generation after generation, we connect and pass along information through the bonds of oral history. I hope some of these titles will resonate with you, move you, inspire you, and bring you (back) into the uniquely fascinating universe of Asian storytelling, just like my grandma’s vivid nursery rhyme narrations did for me. — Hsin, Audible Editor

Historian Richard Reeves provides a sweeping yet detailed history of Japanese American internment during WWII, and actor James Yaegashi's narration only adds to the power of this listen.

In this beautifully written and moving memoir, Kimi Cunningham Grant recounts her grandmother's story of internment as a lens to explore an even larger story about Japanese American experiences during WWII.

In this now-classic memoir, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston remembers her childhood in an internment camp in California and shares the stories of the people she knew, reflecting on their resilience and dignity.

First published in 1956, this classic of postwar and Japanese American literature tells the story of a young man who's unwilling to offer his life for a country that sent his family to internment camps.

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