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Publisher's Summary

What Matters Most contains clear principles about building relationships with clients based on trust. Jim calls this kind of relationship a "purpose-centered-alliance" because it focuses on the hopes and dreams of the client. This book is for:

  • Financial planners, stock brokers, and accountants
  • Insurance professionals who sell financial services products
  • Unlicensed team members

Jim writes: "My hope is that reading this book and implementing the principles and skills will revolutionize your life and the way you do business. I hope it changes the way you think, how you are motivated, and what you do with clients. When this happens, you'll come to work each day knowing you make a difference in people's lives and you are incredibly relevant."

Our most precious resource is our relationship with our clients - not our products, not our strategies, not our sales techniques. When people commit their lives, their futures, and their money into our hands, they are giving us a sacred trust. We value them as individuals and treat them with respect, integrity, and care. That's a "purpose-centered-alliance". Like an arch's keystone that provides stability to all the other stones, this kind of relationship gives structure and direction to everything we do. When people are convinced that we care about their goals and dreams, they will trust us with with more of their assets. Then, we'll have the privilege of serving them in a way that fulfills their dreams - and ours too.

©2012 Jim Munchbach (P)2012 Baxter Press

Critic Reviews

"Jim Munchbach has broken the code. His book, What Matters Most, puts handles on the sometimes complex process of designing financial strategies. The mutual trust and respect that he advocates changes the nature of the relationship you can have with most of your best clients, and provides an overwhelming,long-term competitive advantage." (Jacques Werth, co-author of High Probability Selling)
"Jim's book is packed with ideas, principles,and real handles on a process that is very similar to my own. Building purpose-centered-alliances is the key to success in any business. What Matters Most will be a powerful tool for my team and me as we continue to fulfill dreams for our clients." (Dave Christy, State Farm Agent, Spokane Washington)

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