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Eat healthier, lose weight, and be happy - switch to a vegan diet today!

What does it mean to be vegan? It is the same as vegetarianism? Is this lifestyle right for you?

In this book, you'll learn the basics of veganism. You'll learn the many reasons for adopting this lifestyle, including:

  • Reducing your impact on the environment
  • Taking a personal stand on animal rights
  • Improving your health and losing weight

Is your family's health important to you? Do you want to avoid eating unnecessary and harmful foods? Would you like to eat more ethically?

This book teaches you to cook your own delicious, inexpensive, and healthy meals - without spending hours in the kitchen every day! These easy-to-follow recipes utilize simple, wholesome ingredients to create meals you'll be proud to share. Also, you'll reduce your grocery costs, improve your family's health, and help sustain the environment!

This book provides 15+ amazing recipes for tasty breakfasts, main meals, and desserts!

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