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Being Likeable to the Court in High Conflict Divorce and Custody Battles (in 20 Minutes)

Divorce Court, Book 5
By: J.B. Snow
Narrated by: Brian Nadeau
Series: Divorce Court, Book 5
Length: 21 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Many people think they know what they are doing when they go up against someone else in court. But do you really know what you are getting yourself into? The narcissist values popularity, status, money, power, resources, and false image. Many court personnel also subscribe to these same priorities in their life, and if you weren’t successful in dealing with one narcissist - you surely won’t be able to cope with the lawyer team that your narcissist hired to antagonize you.

After popular request by our readers, we devised a series of books to help you navigate the court system. These books are not a substitute for legal advice (we actually strongly advise you to get the best lawyer money can buy); they are intended to make you more aware that things aren’t always what they seem in court.

The rules in the criminal court proceedings are not all the same in family court proceedings. You might think that the truth will prevail in family court; everyone else is strategizing how to win the game and bolster their image and success rate. The people in the courtroom don't subscribe to what you may be fighting for, losing focus on what is important to the court loses you the case.

In 20 minutes, this book will teach you how to become more likeable in court; unlikeable people don’t win court cases. Unlikeable people are driven off by the court personnel and by the ex. You must make other people care what happens to you and be invested in your success. You need to pay attention to what matters to be successful in and out of the courtroom, and now is a critical time to do just that.

In this Divorce Court series, our other books will help you learn how to handle the personalities that you will come across, how to soothe the stress you are under, what feelings and emotions you experience when going through the court process, how to cope with losses, and learn the strategies that the narcissist is going to use against you that you must be ready for. Listen to the series for a full spectrum strategy in dealing with the narcissist in and out of court.

This book refers to the narcissist as a "he", but the narcissist in relationship and divorce proceedings can also be a "she". The pronouns are interchangeable for the purposes of this book.  

Mirror and mimic.

One important thing you can do to be likeable to anyone, especially the court personnel, is to mimic and mirror the people who are around you. People like to be around like-minded people. It is human nature to reject anything that is foreign to us. We automatically see other people as being on our side if they talk, walk, smile, behave, and communicate like us.

Mimic the judge and lawyer’s movements, communication style, and facial expressions. Mimic their emotions. Rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve, make sure that you are matching the mood of the individuals around you.

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