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Diabolical Divorce Court and Custody Tactics of Narcissists Publisher's Summary

In 20 minutes, we will give you the top diabolical divorce court tactics that narcissists regularly use to win against you in divorce court. If you walk into the court without knowing these tactics, you will most likely be fighting a losing battle. Arm yourself with knowledge and power to gain a tactical advantage on the narcissist.

Gain the knowledge necessary to stay one step ahead of your devious partner. Take off the gloves and never lower your guard. The narcissist will do anything to get ahead in life despite the likes of you. Question is will you let him get away with it? Do not let yourself fall into the pitfalls of divorce against a savage opponent. Know and understand how he thinks. Strategize appropriately and do not be caught off-guard. Your livelihood and future depend on it. He will be armed and at the ready, but will you?

This book refers to the narcissist as a "he", but the narcissist in the relationship and divorce proceedings can also be a "she". The pronouns are interchangeable for the purposes of this book.

Strategizing using power tactics.

Right now, the narcissist is reading up and listening to many playbooks that will help him strategize against you. If you don’t listen to these playbooks, you will not understand how he, his legal team, and the judge are reacting during the court proceedings. People who prioritize money, power, status, image, and objects use power training to help them learn how to manipulate others, and The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene especially is a book that is read by many passive aggressive manipulators in order to learn how to get ahead in the game of life.

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