Body Positivity. Celebrate, respect, and love your body.

Body Positivity

Celebrate, respect, and love your body.
Body Positivity is about more than overcoming our individual insecurities, it’s also about demanding respect and joy for every body that society has marginalized and abated. This means uplifting the voices of those who are fighting for inclusion, and celebrating all of our human forms.
In this collection you’ll find insightful works by trailblazers in the Body Positivity movement, stories that will challenge your perceptions about beauty, conversations about bodily autonomy, and listens that honor the spectrum of shapes, sizes, colors, identities, and abilities we each come in. —Rachael, Audible Editor

Dear Listener,

What did I learn about myself while giving voice to this story?
"That my voice counts. And how I use that voice matters both internally when I express self-love and externally giving voice to the voiceless. So many of our guests on the podcast have been through so much, more than I can imagine. Listening to their stories, but most importantly their courage and defiance to the status quo, has helped me get through some dark times post-seizure. I've realized through this that my health matters most and that my body is my hero and my ally. We must demand inclusion and representation. And not just for size, but for so many more categories of people who have been left out of mainstream media, including different ethnicities, ages, disabilities, and sex, and chronic health sufferers." – Robyn Lawley, creator of Every Body

Get Body Positive

Activist and poet Sonya Renee Taylor invites us to banish body shame in this quintessential listen.

Rebekah Taussig’s poignant memoir details her experiences as a paralyzed girl and smashes stereotypes about disabled bodies.

Plus-size model Robyn Lawley celebrates diversity in her compelling conversations with guests about their bodies.

This collection of essays written for teens by notable activists and authors shows us that “fat” can be fierce.