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When bounty hunter J. G. Kerrigan comes to Burr, Wyoming Territory, he's in for two big surprises. The first: His old backstabbing nemesis Blade is in town, trying to pass himself off as a respectable citizen. Kerrigan is determined to bring him to justice, and becoming the sheriff of the small town Blade cares about seems the best way to do it.

The second surprise? A kind, pretty reverend's daughter...with a backbone of steel and blood hot enough to put the desert sun to shame.

Marianne Westerly has lived in Burr her whole life, and when her marriage abruptly ended in an embarrassing scandal, the entire town stood behind her in support. However, their well-meaning concern has turned to nearly smothering pity, and Marianne is determined to leave Burr and move to another city - anywhere else, really, as long as no one knows her story.

But the new sheriff arouses emotions in her she'd never thought to feel again, and she wonders if she should continue with her plan. If she throws caution to the wind, she could find out the attraction is mutual or risk a second round of heartbreak. One thing's certain, though - in Burr, the trail to love is always bumpy.

©2017 Debra Mullins (P)2018 Audible, Inc.

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