Celebrating Caribbean Voices

Caribbean Voices

Celebrate the diversity and beauty of Caribbean experiences.
My family left Trinidad decades ago to make America our home when I was just a little girl, but there’s just something about the islands that will forever call to me. It goes beyond a warm, salty breeze, the flavorful food I still crave, or the musical notes that make me sway wherever I am.

When I was first introduced to the writings of major Caribbean authors in college, it was one of the first moments I felt seen in literature, but it also made me realize how much more still remained for me to discover about these many nations. This June we celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month and the diverse, complex beauty of its many islands with this special collection of emerging and classic writers. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re from the islands, have simply visited, or are dreaming of the day you will.—Abby, Audible Editor

Celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month

Amnesia and passion collide on the Jamaican coast in this romantic tale about an unexpected love affair.

A debut that explores the cultural complexities of contemporary island life—focusing on an unconventional family in Trinidad.

Cowritten by sisters and told through letters, this YA tale incorporates Haitian history into a coming-of-age story.

These short stories with a classic noir feel explore a darker side of the Caribbean islands.