Author's Picks

When I think of these books, I remember not only the author's words, and the voice they created, but also the narrator's interpretation of it.

One Crazy Summer By: Rita Williams-Garcia
“I come back to this middle grade novel year after year, and I frequently find myself recommending it. It has one of the best, most complex depictions of a mother I've ever seen in children's literature.”
When I Am Through with You By: Stephanie Kuehn
“This young adult novel, on the surface about a group of teenagers on a school trip gone wrong, explores extremely complicated and interesting relationships between its characters. The main character and the actions he chooses to take have haunted me since my first listen to the audiobook.”
How It Went Down By: Kekla Magoon
“The audiobook for this YA novel makes the already complex and heartbreaking story of racism and violence even more powerful. The large cast of characters are all equally compelling, and the story makes you examine a tragedy from angles you wouldn't expect.”