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Anger Management

How to Control Your Anger, Understand Your Emotions, and Express Yourself Positively
Narrated by: Melany Robbins
Length: 3 hrs and 21 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Are you angry all the time and feel like you got no control over these negative emotions?

Do you feel:

  • like you have no control over how you feel?
  • like you are always mad even about little things?
  • depressed or hopeless?
  • unhappy?

That feeling, in one way or another, comes from being unable to control and release your emotions. You let your emotions take over your life that it already affects your surroundings and the way people treat you.

In most cases, you have no clear reason for being so angry right away. You just feel the anger building up. And people around you start noticing how displeased and unsatisfied you are with your life.

You feel the anger overtaking your whole body like walking back and forth, clenching your hands and your jaw, your body starts to tense, and your head aches. You think that lashing out to the world and releasing your anger is the fastest way to feel better. But you are wrong!

You should know:

  • There are about 22 million American adults suffering from anger management issues.
  • These people are likely suffering from depression, grief, mental and emotional disorder, or even abuse.

You have to understand that anger is a normal reaction to hide how you truly feel. If you keep letting anger take over you, then you might be looking at some serious effects in the future.

  • Stop worrying.
  • Stop fighting how you feel.
  • Start recognizing that you have far greater control than you think.
  • You have to learn how to deal with anger effectively.

Keep in mind that:

“When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is!” (Ramshivam Tiwari)

You’ll discover:

  • How to recognize physical symptoms of anger and control it.
  • How to avoid being at your worst.
  • How to think and assess before lashing out your anger.
  • How to express your anger in a healthy way.
  • How to prioritize your relationships with other people over your emotions.
  • How to choose your battles wisely.
  • How to forgive and be forgiven.
  • How to setup boundaries from someone who has anger management issues.
  • How to live a happier life
  • And so much more!

Don’t let anger take away your chance to achieve happiness and control over your emotions. Step out of that denial phase and start with self-awareness. See that the world has so much to offer you when you are not angry all the time.

Find out how to remove and control anger in your life by controlling your emotions wisely and effectively.

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