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If you've ever wondered how to accelerate your earning potential and career possibilities quickly, this series is for you! Early Bird Executives Presents… Your Future Starts Now! is full of advice to inspire and generate honest self-reflection, to make you laugh and open your eyes to realities of the business world, and to motivate and empower you to take hold of your own potential.

Drawing from her own experiences climbing the corporate ladder as a young woman, author Shannon L. Baxa provides advice on how to take slow, steady, and gradual steps toward success that create strong building blocks to high career achievement. And she doesn't stop just with obtaining your first leadership position; she also provides insight on how to maintain, cultivate, and further your influence throughout your career.

Allow a true early bird executive to mentor, empower, and guide you to wild success.

©2015 Shannon L. Baxa, MS, RHIA, PMP (P)2016 Shannon L. Baxa, MS, RHIA, PMP

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