Disability Awareness. Stories by and about people with disabilities.
Our libraries are chock full of listens that help stamp out ableism and tell the full story of the human experience from all perspectives, backgrounds, and abilities. What follows is a collection of some of our favorites that give voice to people living with disability. —The Audible Editors

"I’m thrilled that future generations will be able to look up to these raw and refreshing stories about disability."

Maysoon Zayid, author of the Audible Original Find Another Dream
The Pretty One By: Keah Brown
“I remember the first time I stumbled across #DisabledAndCute on Twitter. I clicked and it led me to Keah Brown. I wish that when I was growing up disabled, I had a guide like this to cheer me on.”
The Last Black Unicorn By: Tiffany Haddish
“Tiffany Haddish is hysterically funny and this book has so much heart. Not all disabilities are visible and Tiffany shows us that there is no shame in that. I laughed, I cried, and I clapped as I listened to her unbelievable life story.”
On My Own Two Feet By: Amy Purdy, Michelle Burford
“Two of my most favorite things intersect in this marvelous memoir—dance and disability. Amy went from the brink of death to winning a medal at the Paralympics to hanging with Oprah. She is fearless and dares us all to dream big.”

Author Kody Keplinger Talks about Disability and the Power of Audio


Stories of Disability Awareness

Kody Keplinger’s That’s Not What Happened paints a vivid picture of navigating publicized tragedies and living with a disability in small town America.

Elsa Sjunneson, a deafblind writer and professor, explores how the misrepresentation of disability, the disability community, and ableism in media hurts everyone.

Set in 1970, a group of hackers led by a blind teenager wreaks havoc on Ma Bell in this multi-cast performance featuring Ben McKenzie, Carrie Coon, and Christian Slater.

Hear the true story how Maysoon Zayid—a Muslim Jersey girl with cerebral palsy—created her own path to stardom, all performed in her own words.