Origins (Robinson)
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    The Didymus Contingency | Jeremy Robinson

    The Didymus Contingency

    • UNABRIDGED (9 hrs and 26 mins)
    • By Jeremy Robinson
    • Narrated By R. C. Bray
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    If you could go back in time...and witness any event...where would you go? When Dr. Tom Greenbaum faces that question after successfully discovering the secret to time travel, he knows the time, place, and event he will witness: the death and failed resurrection of Jesus Christ. Dr. David Goodman, Tom's colleague and closest friend follows Tom into the past, attempting to avert a time-space catastrophe, but forces beyond their control toss them into a dangerous end game.

    Not what I expected at all.

    Reading the description for the book I thought this would be another book preaching the Christian religion and trying to get everyone on the path to G..Show More »

    Reviewed on December 17 2013 by Wesley (New Britain, CT, United States)
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    Raising the Past | Jeremy Robinson

    Raising the Past

    • UNABRIDGED (9 hrs and 51 mins)
    • By Jeremy Robinson
    • Narrated By Jeffrey Kafer
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    A mammoth, flash frozen in solid ice 10,000 years ago is brought to the surface by a team of scientists. An act of sabotage frees the giant from its icy tomb and reveals the secret held inside: the body of an ancient woman, cloaked in furs, slides out of the mammoth's belly. But it is not the woman that holds the team's attention - it is the object she is clutching: a device created by an advanced civilization.


    As a writer myself, I do not like being the critic a great deal. From a rather implausible yet interesting scenario, the story fades away to a ho-hum ..Show More »

    Reviewed on January 09 2012 by Christopher (Howrah, Australia)
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    Antarktos Rising | Jeremy Robinson

    Antarktos Rising

    • UNABRIDGED (10 hrs and 2 mins)
    • By Jeremy Robinson
    • Narrated By R.C. Bray
    • Whispersync for Voice-ready

    A phenomenon known as crustal displacement shifts the Earth's crust, repositioning continents and causing countless deaths. In the wake of the global catastrophe, the world struggles to take care of its displaced billions. But Antarctica, freshly thawed and blooming, has emerged as a new hope. Rather than wage a world war no nation can endure, the leading nations devise a competition, a race to the center of Antarctica, with the three victors dividing the continent.

    I know it was only $4.95 but....

    This book was offered in the surprise $4.95 sales and had a limited description. I know it was only $4.95, but if I had known it was going to be a Chr..Show More »

    Reviewed on June 24 2015 by Wendy (Roanoke, VA, United States)
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    Kronos | Jeremy Robinson


    • UNABRIDGED (8 hrs and 46 mins)
    • By Jeremy Robinson
    • Narrated By Jeremy Robinson, Jeff Kafer

    Two years after his wife's death, oceanographer and former navy SEAL, Atticus Young, attempts to reconcile with his rebellious daughter, Giona, by taking her on the scuba dive of a lifetime-swimming with a pod of peaceful humpback whales in the Gulf of Maine. But the beauty of the sea belies a terror from the deep-a horrific creature as immense as it is ancient. There is no blood, no scream, no fight.

    Great Premise/Mediocre Delivery


    Reviewed on September 22 2012 by J. Francisco (GA USA)