When Women Were Warriors

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The Meditation Experience Publisher's Summary

These active meditations will guide you into the depths of your psychic soul to access your creativity, discover gifts within you, heal or transform a question, issue, challenge or block in your mind. Written and voiced by Judith Pennington, a world authority on the brain waves of the awakened mind, these EEG-tested meditations will relax your body, open your heart, and expand your awareness into higher states of consciousness.Track 1 - Creative Light 25:19Track 2 - Gifts of Insight 22:30Track 3 - Journey of Transformation 28:40Harp accompaniment and improvisational singing by Judith Pennington. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Red Rock Recording and SpectraSound Solutions.
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    • The Meditation Experience

    • Listening to Your Psychic Soul, Vol. 2
    • By: Judith Pennington
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