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Things are far from over where Glaxus is concerned. Auren shows mercy and saves Glaxus from a sure death in the DarkLander’s dimension. The only reason for doing so is a secret which Auren refuses to share. Auren’s life is turned upside down as beings from the higher dimensions show up to help fight off the Devians. Then the Morantian arrives from the higher dimensions to help fight the Devians. Without their help Earth would be lost for sure. Not just Earth though, all the higher dimensions would be overwhelmed by the hordes of Elementals. Auren’s son falls in love with one of the Devians. This changes everything because the future depends on exactly that. Auren takes Susan into the higher dimensions where he finds the most powerful being known in any universe or dimension. His interaction with that being finds Auren racing to save himself and Susan. Traveling back in time, where it all started, he must sacrifice himself to save everyone. Glaxus falls in love with the Queen of the Dark Landers who kicks him out of her dimension, telling him to change his ways or not come back. Stephen, from far in the future, shares his plan to save all the dimensions with the king of the Faery.

©2018 Guy Lozier (P)2018 Guy Lozier

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