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Publisher's Summary

Long known as "the world's only private citizen with a foreign policy", George Soros combines his razor-sharp sense of economic trends with his passionate advocacy for open societies and decency in world politics to come up with a workable, and severely critical, analysis of the Bush administration's overreaching, militaristic foreign policy.

Soros believes that this administration's plans abroad come from the same sort of "bubble" psychology that afflicted our markets in the late 90s. They have used a real fact, our overwhelming military supremacy, to create a deluded worldview, that might makes right and that "you're either with us or against us", in the same way that the recent boom used a real fact, the growth in technology, to lead to a delusion, the "new economy".

Like the best of the books that have responded quickly to world events, The Bubble of American Supremacy, has a clear, intriguing, comprehensive thesis that makes necessary, and compelling, order of our seemingly disordered world.

© George Soros; (P)2004 PublicAffairs

Critic Reviews

"[An] intensely polemical but also succinct and well-reasoned book." (Los Angeles Times Book Review)
"Soros offers historical perspective, social theory, and his own keen observational skills to make his points. This may be the one anti-Bush book that reaches an audience beyond the Democratic amen corner." (Booklist)

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  • William
  • Pleasanton, CA, USA
  • 01-13-05

Great perspective, solid facts

Of course Soros is a liberal. Conservative reactionarieis may call it "dumb", perhaps they should actually listen.

First half of the book is pre-election, but the facts are the same even though Bush won. A pleasure for us lefties, a review of the "why not" for others. The second half is Soros' world view of Open Societies, a more challenging listen, more controversial, forces you to develop your own opinion about what America actually stands for.

I recommend if you're a leftie or not.

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What should Africans learn from Georges SOROS?

What made the experience of listening to The Bubble of American Supremacy the most enjoyable?

I started reading SOROS when I discovered OSIWA, the West African version of his Open Society foundation. I have nothing but respect for any man who suffers a tragedy in his childhood, and then lives the rest of his life to correct it; and to correct it, not just for himself and his people, but also for the whole world. Georges Soros has witnessed the horrors of Nazism and everything he has done thereafter has been to free the world from such tyrannical regimes. Today, America governs the world. That is a fact. SOROS wrote this book against the tyrannical drift of the American leadership. He is against what he calls the &quot;social Darwinists&quot; in the American government. Those warmongers who still think that bombing the world will keep America safe and prosperous.In this book, he talks about his (unsuccessful) efforts to defeat the BUSH campaign and to prevent the IRAQ invasion. But he also talks about his Open Society Foundation and its successful actions worldwide: from Russia to Eastern Europe, South East Asia, South America and now Africa. Georges Soros has set out to single handedly impact social movements in many countries. The key philosophy is : Individual Freedoms and Open society.I respect that. The truth is I would do the same thing if I had his money and his influence. Which leads me to my main concern about Georges SOROS overall actions. SOROS is on record for saying that he does not care about social implications when conducting his financial speculations. Many Asian countries have learned it at their own expense. Which makes me wonder: Is SOROS freeing the oppressed people from the many little tyrants, only to feed them back to one big worldwide predator?Today, SOROS is financing the Black-Lives-Matter Riots and many revolutionary movements in West Africa. What should we think about that?Here is a man who clearly says that when it comes to making money he does not care for the poor. However, after he made the money, he generously uses it to help the poor. I believe this is the perfect formula for the poor and needy to remain poor and needy. Here is a man who has clearly explained the theory of reflexivity, which is the core principle of his financial and political decision-making. By financing the BLM movement SOROS didn't aim to topple the American Justice/Law &amp; Order system. No! His goal was to induce the chain reaction of police brutality-protest, police brutality-protest, police brutality- protests, etc… Without any chance what so ever of making a difference, except diabolizing the conservative/republican party. But for the Negro, people will be hurt, lives will be lost, but the racial fabric of the American system would remain untouched. How does that really help?In the case of North Africa, SOROS impact on the Arab spring was modest. Nothing close to BUDAPEST where a professor once confessed: &quot;I may be the only academic in town, who didn’t study on a SOROS scholarship&quot;. It is probably because; real revolutions have to be homegrown. To have external powers lead a local revolution is unnatural, unsustainable, enslaving. SOROS cannot – should not – lead the revolutions that ought to happen in sub-Saharan Africa. The guy ran away from a Nazi-oppressed Budapest, made tons of money abroad, went back decades later and helped free Budapest along with several other countries. It is a beautiful story.What is the African Diaspora doing? What are we doing to free Africa from the tyranny of colonial powers? Where are our black Billionaires? Where are our Georges SOROS? SOROS cannot free sub-Saharan African countries, because he would have to fight against France, fight against globalization, fight against the smothering of poor nations, which is totally against his moneymaking instincts. Where are our black lobbyists? Where are our African American Billionaires? What are you doing to impact African politics and African social reforms? I'm not talking about bags of rice or clean water. No, I'm talking about molding the minds that will produce those bags of rice and clean water for themselves. I'm talking about pressuring the long lasting corrupted regimes and defeating the european predators who are supporting them. Is anybody waging that war?... Here you have a Hungarian Jew, naturalized American who is pumping millions of dollars to affect the political landscape in Africa. And we're sitting around, doing nothing. We should learn from him. <br/>Malick Tchakpedeou<br/><br/>

  • Overall
  • Doug
  • Austin, TX
  • 03-23-09

A Good Rant is Hard to Find

If you are looking for a book laden with modern day insights, this is not it. The book is decent, but it is more opinion than scholarly fact, more rant than expose. Even so, George Soros is a great man and so a book with his thoughts is worth reading. Only know that the reading experience is more akin to sitting with George at an airport bar and tossing around thoughts about today's world.

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  • Mirek
  • Lodz, Poland
  • 09-23-08

the bubble that ends with some optimism ...

In the book Soros goes high with his critique of George Bush and latest events involving US on a global scene. He argues that after September 11th attacks, American government abused its principles and launched the mistaken "War on Terror". Even though I had the opposite view - I must admit that Soros's arguments are very convincing and after reading the book, one starts to questions the view that Iraq war was just war and that Bush administration was legitimate in that action....

But the book has a dose of optimism. It is in Soros constant promotion of Open Society idea.The part of the book describes his activities in promoting the Open Society in Russia and other Central and Eastern Europe countries. The book has its special meaning today - in the year of the presidential elections in US....
Strongly recommended !!!

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Just great!

One that every American should read / listen to, even after the ellections.

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Sorely lacking

If I could rate this lower than 1, I would gladly do it.

Soros must have been born twins because no one person could be this dumb. Reading the cover of the title wastes 5 seconds of your life.

the qestion one is left with is "If you hate America this much, why not move?"

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Right Book, Wrong Title

George has delighted us with another laser focused analysis. The book is enlightening and provides invaluable insights into key geopolitical and macro economic issues, albeit that the Author had to eat his words again as his prediction that President Bush would not be re-elected proved wrong. George Soros did not really need to put such a provocative title that clearly reflects his sentiments towards the Bush Administration. It tainted the high quality content of the book. The Author should have never lost sight of the fact that the maximum term any administration can spend in Office is 8 years. The constant infusion of new blood into the Oval Office is what will keep America a super power. Few countries enjoy this dynamic and peaceful transfer of Command.

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