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Publisher's Summary

Healthy Diet Plan is the go-to diet-plan audiobook that will give you powerful and fun guidelines to create a healthier lifestyle. It will also give you small steps you can use to change your diet so you can reduce your risks of long-term health conditions. 

If you are looking for the go-to audiobook on changing your lifestyle, then this is your audiobook. We have packed this audiobook full of useful information you will not find in any other audiobook. We provide you with all the information you need to change your life and get your diet in check.  

Each chapter is chock-full of useful information that can be used to create a healthier lifestyle not only on the inside, but the outside as well. As we start our journey of a healthy diet and healthy living, it is important to have a guidebook that will help us with the tough decisions. That is why we created Healthy Diet Plan: Start from Here.

What you can expect to hear in this audiobook: 

  • How to change your diet without added stress. 
  • Simple, easy, small steps you can take to change your lifestyle and diet. 
  • How to create a healthy diet plan and rules that are guidelines for creating this healthy diet plan. 
  • Why you should change your diet for the long-term benefits as well as the short-term benefits. 
  • A detailed description of six of the most famous diets plans on the market and what you can expect from each one of them. 
  • The three-season diet challenge that works to add seasonal foods into your daily diet. 
  • The traditional Western medicine five-season diet that can bring you more seasons to work with when building a diet plan based on seasonal foods. 
  • Seasonal-ingredients guideline with a few of the seasonal ingredients you can use to have a healthier diet. 
  • What a healthy lifestyle looks like and how you can have it, too. 
  • Ways to have a healthy life, work, and play balance.
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