Get Primed for the 2020 Election

Get Primed for the 2020 Election

October 2, 2020
As our country grapples with issues from the Covid-19 pandemic to healthcare, the economy, and racial injustice, the upcoming election represents a pivotal moment for Americans across the political spectrum. For those looking to delve more into the candidates and what’s at stake, the listens below explore the importance of exercising your civic duty, the legacy of leaders past, and a glimpse into the future of the United States.

The Candidates in their Own Words

Learn more about the contenders on the ballot in these candid memoirs.

Get Engaged with Political Nonfiction

Delve deep into politics and government with these nonfiction listens.

Stay Up to Date with Current Listens

Keep yourself informed on the latest hot-button issues and tell-all memoirs with these recent releases.

The 20 Best Political Audiobooks to Better Understand the World

The best political audiobooks are those that resonate with the current political climate while keeping history relevant, revealing truths about the government and extrapolating details about the uncertain future. Our top 20 picks probe myriad branches of politics, both American and foreign, inspecting existential and moral questions that feel intensely timely; listeners will find memoirs from famed political leaders and scientifically driven texts alike. With diligently researched and recorded material, all 20 of the best political audiobooks on our must-listen list have the capacity to expose, galvanize, devastate, and astonish.