Every aspect of our lives as American citizens—from education to law and justice, from healthcare to financial stability—is directly impacted by the systems that rule us and the leaders who guide us. No matter where you lie on the political spectrum, getting engaged and exercising your civic duty begins with listening.


Get Engaged with Political Nonfiction

Delve deep into politics and government with these nonfiction listens.

More Than a Vote
The Red and the Blue
What You Should Know About Politics...But Don't
The Politics Industry
The Federalist Papers (AmazonClassics Edition)
Understanding the US Government
The Loud Minority
The Populist Explosion
American Nations


Perspective from Former Presidents

Full of hope and inspiration, these memoirs offer tales of integrity and determination, as well as firsthand accounts of political life before, during, and after inauguration.

A Promised Land
Decision Points
My Life (Complete)
All the Best, George Bush
An American Life
A Full Life
In the Arena
Profiles in Courage


Don’t Miss a Beat

Routinely updated with incisive takes on what’s making headlines, these news and culture podcasts make the biggest stories all the more accessible.

Today, Explained
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
CBS World News Roundup
Economist Podcasts
Post Reports
The Brown Girls Guide to Politics
This American Life
The Gray Area with Sean Illing
The Rachel Maddow Show
Rush Limbaugh - Timeless Wisdom
Election 101
Civics 101: New Hampshire


Stay Up to Date with Current Listens

Keep yourself informed on the latest hot-button issues and tell-all memoirs with these recent releases.

After the Fall
On the House
State of Emergency
Every Day Is a Gift
The Triumph of Nancy Reagan
Joe Biden
Kamala: Next In Line (Ad-free)
One Vote Away
Disloyal: A Memoir
Speaking for Myself
Let My People Vote
Where the Light Enters
His Truth Is Marching On
His Very Best
The Presidents vs. the Press
Still Standing
The New Corporation
Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal
Divided We Fall
Too Much and Never Enough


The 20 Best Political Audiobooks to Better Understand the World

The best political audiobooks are those that resonate with the current political climate while keeping history relevant, revealing truths about the government, and extrapolating details about the uncertain future. Our top 20 picks probe myriad branches of politics, both American and foreign, inspecting existential and moral questions that feel intensely timely; listeners will find memoirs from famed political leaders and scientifically driven texts alike. With diligently researched and recorded material, all 20 of the best political audiobooks on our must-listen list have the capacity to expose, galvanize, devastate, and astonish.

The Audacity of Hope
The United States of Trump
21 Lessons for the 21st Century
Permanent Record
My Own Words
The Mueller Report
The Education of an Idealist
Why Nations Fail
The Soul of America
On Fire
The Madness of Crowds
Legacy of Ashes
The Righteous Mind
War on Peace
Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?
The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution
We Were Eight Years in Power
The Uninhabitable Earth
A Higher Loyalty