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An unflinching look into the mind of one of the most vicious serial killers in American history, The Serial Killer Chronicles chronicles the murderous exploits as Romeo, tiring of his boring and normal life as a respected member of the community, takes a "road trip" - his own code word for a killing rampage - and allows the listener to accompany him on his quest to kill as many women as possible - women that remind him of his mother.

The Serial Killer Chronicles is a drop-dead frontal assault that provokes, rather than patronizes, its listener, and is truly the most dangerous kind of true crime genre book in existence, pulling no punches and telling no lies - and narrated by one of the most dangerous men in existence; Romeo could be your next-door neighbor, the guy that could be your best friend, but who secretly slaughters women with about as much remorse as Jack the Ripper, robbing, raping, burning, and killing, attacking America more like an epidemic plague than a human being.

©2018 Brian Lee Tucker (P)2018 Brian Lee Tucker

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