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Publisher's Summary

Tarmon Gai'don, the Last Battle, looms. And mankind is not ready.The final volume of the Wheel of Time, A Memory of Light, was partially written by Robert Jordan before his untimely passing in 2007. Brandon Sanderson, New York Times best-selling author of the Mistborn books, was chosen by Jordan's editor - his wife, Harriet McDougal - to complete the final book. The scope and size of the volume was such that it could not be contained in a single book, and so Tor proudly presents The Gathering Storm as the first of three novels that will make up A Memory of Light. This short sequence will complete the struggle against the Shadow, bringing to a close a journey begun almost 20 years ago and marking the conclusion of the Wheel of Time, the preeminent fantasy epic of our era. In this epic novel, Robert Jordan's international best-selling series begins its dramatic conclusion.

Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, struggles to unite a fractured network of kingdoms and alliances in preparation for the Last Battle. As he attempts to halt the Seanchan encroachment northward - wishing he could form at least a temporary truce with the invaders - his allies watch in terror the shadow that seems to be growing within the heart of the Dragon Reborn himself.

Egwene al'Vere, the Amyrlin Seat of the rebel Aes Sedai, is a captive of the White Tower and subject to the whims of their tyrannical leader. As days tick toward the Seanchan attack she knows is imminent, Egwene works to hold together the disparate factions of Aes Sedai while providing leadership in the face of increasing uncertainty and despair. Her fight will prove the mettle of the Aes Sedai, and her conflict will decide the future of the White Tower - and possibly the world itself.

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

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Critic Reviews

"The Wheel of a fantasy tale seldom equaled and still less often surpassed in English." (Chicago Sun-Times)
"Jordan has a powerful vision of good and evil - but what strikes me as most all the fascinating people moving through a rich and interesting world." (Orson Scott Card on The Wheel of Time)

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  • 4.8 out of 5.0
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  • 4.8 out of 5.0
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The Gathering Storm is a great book

Michael Kramer and Kate Reading do a stupendous job in their reading of The Gathering Storm as they have with all their readings of the wheel of time series. As for the story Brandon Sanderson brings life back into Robert Jordan's work. He brings or starts to bring close many of the subplots of the previous books. His writing style, while his own, is very similar to Jordan's. This combined with Jordan's notes and journal has combined into an excellent beginning to the end of Jordan's epic tale. “There are neither beginnings nor endings in the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was A beginning.”(Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time Series, All books, Chapter 1 Paragraph 1)

  • Overall

Good Recording, Gigantic Book

All of Robert Jordan's books are huge. Without the audiobooks, I never would've gotten through the series. They're reminiscent of Lord of the Rings but with way more words. The story's pretty good, just really, really long-- 12 books all from 700-1000 pages each! Literally could not have gotten through these stories without the audiobooks. The recording's good, too. The two readers do a good job.

  • Overall


It is amazing that Branden Sanderson could do such an amazing job and picking up the pieces Robert left behind and making it his own yet staying faithful to the series and the fans, btw for those of you have not figured it out, Book 12 means it is suggested you read 1-11 before taking this one on, It was appreciated that every little detail was not explained in the book for the sake of the folks who were not up to date

  • Overall
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Shawn
  • Sinking Spring, PA, United States
  • 09-27-10

Best WoT Book

Honestly, this was my most favorite of the series so far, and it inspired me to read other Sanderson books (the Mistborn Trilogy and his new series), and I can say if you liked this book, you will probably enjoy his other books just as much (I have a feeling his new series will be much better than the WoT series, which is one of my favorites).

  • Overall

Simply Fantastic!!!

If you haven't yet read all the previous books of the WOT series, you probably don't want to start with this one! You will have missed far too much to grasp the full meaning of everything leading up to this book. If you are a fantasy/fiction fan, you will find this series is worth every penny and every minute to go back and read/listen to each and every book. You can even start before "book one" with the prequel, New Spring.

I have read and listened multiple times to the prequel and each of eleven books leading up to this one. Like so many other WOT fans, I too was concerned with the transition in authors after Mr.Jordan's untimely passing. This is no longer the case!

Thank you Brandon Sanderson! I have thoroughly enjoyed this seamless continuation of my favorite epic! Mr. Sanderson has done a phenomenal job of picking up the threads of the pattern (story lines) and holding true to Mr. Jordan's development of each character's personality and mannerisms! Reading/listening to this book was like coming home to my family after a very long trip! I simply couldn't put it down! I'll be reading/listening to it again and again!

As always, the so very talented narrators, Michael Kramer and Kate Reading have beautifully and perfectly brought each and every beloved WOT character to life in "full living color"!! Simply Fantastic!!

I eagerly await book thirteen! November 2nd, 2010 can't get here fast enough - first for casting my vote in the U.S. midterm elections and second for the release of Towers of Midnight!!!!

  • Overall
  • Andre
  • Doral, FL, United States
  • 09-17-10

Read the others in the series first!!

There are many references in this book to the others in the series, some are simple, some are expanded upon. But this means one thing - this is a book for fans of the series. Don't get me wrong. It is a great listen, but your experience *will* be diminished if you have not spent the time to read or listen to books one to eleven.

  • Overall
  • Vallorie
  • Waldport, OR, United States
  • 09-13-10

Excellent book...HORIBLY HARSH audio quality!

First, this is the best series of books I have ever read/listened to and I am an avid fan. I am very impressed also with Brandon Sanderson's masterful work in keeping true to the tone and feel of the story...well done! My concern and disappointment is in the quality of the recording. Prior books were nothing to write home about, but there is a distinctly poorer quality audio starting with this book. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading are amazing, certainly not dissing them in any way. But the audio has a significant level of harshness and sibiliance... it is brittle and brassy. If you switched recording studios or technicians or paid less for the recording/mastering processes that would likely explain some of it. If you didn't, someone screwed up. At the very least a tiny bit of work on the EQing of the sound would marginally help. I am hopeful you will fix this before the next book. It is very hard on the bloody harsh!!! And I am just very disappointed because I had hopes of listening to this again and again...not sure I will be able to stand it even once!!! Your producers need to sit up and take notice and FIX THIS!!!

  • Overall
  • Lim
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • 08-23-10

Two thumbs up!

I have withheld writing a review till now since in truth, I wasn't too sure if I was able to finish the Wheel of time series as was the case with the printed books. Thanks to Audible though, I finally was able to catch up to the current book and hence this review.

First and foremost, thank the living stars for Brandon Sanderson. I mean it. This book is by far the best in the series. Not only he has picked up and tied up loose ends that Jordan should have done so perhaps as far back as book six, but has forwarded the story in this one book that Jordan himself would have needed three to do so, fluff and filler padding to the story notwithstanding. If I could give it a standing ovation, I would.

Having said that, I still cannot recommend anyone to start with this book, great as it is. There is just too much that had gone on in the past that will throw off a new reader without that background knowledge. Don't get me wrong, the first six books were great, the next five more or less filler material just prepping the reader for this book.

At this point, I can't wait for the last final two in the Series. If Brandon Sanderson does as well a job as he did with this one, at least the Wheel of Time series will end with a bang instead of a whimper as with many multiple book series.

  • Overall

This got me back into the series

If you've considering buying this, I assume that you've read most of the books that came before it. So I won't address the story itself, instead I have to warn you, the male narrator in this audiobook sounds exactly like narrator True Crime shows on A&E-I had to speed his voice up to 2xs normal speed so that I could listen to it in the dark without thinking about unsolved violent crimes. I had no problems with the female narrator's voice, and was able to listen to her at normal speed.

  • Overall
  • Ione
  • Lebanon, TN, United States
  • 07-01-10

A worthy successor to Jordan

I have been addicted to this series from the beginning. Sometimes I had to take a break from all the overwhelming detail that Jordan continually lavished on every single scene (do we really need to know the patterns of seed pearls that are sewn into the sleeve of a woman's dress?), but I always came back for the next installment.

I am happy to say that Sanderson has done a very good job of taking over the reins from Jordan. Sanderson is not as graceful a writer as Jordan....but, on the other hand, he is also not as obsessed with tiny irrelevant details as Jordan was. The pacing of this volume is a big improvement over the last couple of Jordan's books, and it is just as engrossing as any of the other WoT stories. I can't wait for the next one!