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Multiple Sclerosis

Food Poisoning and Chronic Wasting Disease Link
Narrated by: Gene Blake
Length: 45 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Just like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis is affecting people across the globe at an astonishing rate. Since Multiple Sclerosis is difficult to detect, people can go decades having the disease and not even know it. Most people miss the signature sign of multiple sclerosis. They pass off the sign as mild heart attack symptoms, stress, trauma, panic disorder, anxiety, and more. People who are electrosensitive recognize the symptom as being linked to their electro-sensitivity. They are ignoring a very important sign for diagnosis, however, and so are their doctors.

Inside their bodies, this silent killer is eating away at the myelin sheath that is meant to protect the nerves in the body, brain, and spinal column. People with multiple sclerosis experience agonizing neuropathic pain for decades, and they may not be aware of the root of what is causing them pain. They might pass off the pain as being from stress, trauma, or fibromyalgia. Multiple sclerosis often starts in their youth from exposure to multiple things, and they are not even aware of it until it is too late. Their bodies are already damaged, and there is no turning back.

If you think that multiple sclerosis looks a lot like the chronic wasting disease that was found in deer, moose, and elk, you are correct. Many new studies indicate that the muscle atrophy in multiple sclerosis patients is much like the muscle atrophy that happens in animals with chronic wasting disease. The brain atrophy that occurs with multiple sclerosis is eerily similar to the brain atrophy that happens with other conditions, such as mad cow disease.

What is the truth about multiple sclerosis? Is it a condition that is caused by a lack of vitamin D in the upper hemispheres that are furthest from the equator? Or, is it something that was set off as a chain reaction in our cells when we ate tainted and undercooked beef, venison, and other animal byproducts? Is multiple sclerosis a combination of environmental toxins and a genetic vulnerability to these toxins?

This audiobook will investigate the link between multiple sclerosis and the bacteria clostridium perfringens. We will discuss treatments that may or may not help with multiple sclerosis, and we will theorize why these treatments may or may not support recovery of multiple sclerosis.

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