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One of my favorite books is Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. It is the story tracing the life of a young man throughout his life until he is old. He has many different phases and events in his life, where he learns about spiritual enlightenment. How would this search for truth work out in today’s world? 

This is the story of a modern man named Laoch who is driven to find truth in his life. He has a passion to know spiritual truth and happiness too. His curiosity is a passion, and he doesn't want to be held back by a conventional lifestyle or beliefs. Life can be an exciting journey with many adventures along the way. He has many adventures in his process of discovery. The journey can be more important than the destination. Our lives are also combinations of the events we experience and the thoughts and meditations of our lives. We can’t live on Earth and advance without experiencing life. To some his life would have seemed conventional, but to Laoch he has a fascinating life, and it is full of incredible discoveries he makes - spiritually, psychically, and physically. Learn more about his life story here….

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