Veterans Day Editorial


Honoring lives of service with
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As I child, I knew a lot of Veterans in my extended family, mostly from the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. My great Uncle Paul, however, was a veteran of World War II, and it was he who took me downtown each Armistice Day to greet the veterans of World War I. He made sure I donated pocket money to the veterans’ charities on whose behalf they had shown up, and I made sure to wear the poppies I received in return, the ubiquitous little red paper ones with black plastic centers. Now I think of those poppies and those vets, and all of the veterans who have served since then, with gratitude and humility for everything I didn’t understand a lifetime ago. Dear Veterans, you don’t need to give me a poppy; it is I who thank you for all your service and sacrifice. May you enjoy Veterans Day for years to come! —Christina, Audible Editor