As the world of audio evolves, so too does our Best Of list. The breadth and depth of content we encountered was too vast and diverse to pick just one winner. So, after much heartfelt discussion and lots and lots of listening, we’ve chosen 10 works of audio greatness to represent the year’s best. Yes, some are what you’d consider traditional audiobooks, and they’re beautiful productions! But mixed in are gems that are genre and format-bending—many envisioned and created specifically to be listened to.

This year was unique for other reasons as well—the who, where, and why of what we’re listening to is evolving, with stories coming from the worlds of literature, pop culture, theatre, TV, politics, and more. We’re thrilled to present our top 10, along with the category standouts highlighted below, plus trends and picks from many of our favorite performers. Join us as we celebrate the most resonant voices of 2019. —The Audible Editors

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