Best of the Year 2019 Business

Business Winner: Work it Out

"Mel Robbins turns her motivational eye to women in the workplace with Work it Out, featuring the voices of real people facing real problems who work it all out in-session with Mel. Continuing the trend of business titles with a focus on women that everyone can get something out of is The Likeability Trap, which demonstrates the importance of recognizing our tendency to judge people based on how likeable they are. Simon Sinek's The Infinite Game is a great example of genre stretching—one that is officially one category (such as, say, business), but also hits high notes in other areas. To paraphrase Editor Michael, this one can help you improve your game and mindset both in and outside of work. (Bonus!) Adam Grant show us how successful people flourish and brings females into the fold with Power Moves, and Nine Lies About Work by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall upends dogmatic truths about corporate culture—with the help of an unstoppable duo. For years, business (both the genre and the field) has been a man’s game—but as a people manager who also happens to be a woman, I’ve been thrilled to see the emergence of female voices and new perspectives in this category." —Courtney, Audible Editor