Growing Mindset Habits, Mindfulness And Self Esteem

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Publisher's Summary

Are you constantly questioning why you’re not happy and why you seem to fall into the negative side of things far too often? Have you been wondering what it was like when your mind was at ease and energized to wake up in the morning?

Well, we can't control a lot of the things that happen to us, but we absolutely can control the way we react to those things. Cognitive behavioral therapy, or in other words, CBT, is a drug and therapist-free way to approach wellness within your mind, killing any negative thoughts and instead growing positive ones.

Whether you’re dealing with specific problems such as depression or anxiety or even just find yourself coming to a negative state regularly, then you will benefit from what this audiobook teaches you.

CBT has amazing benefits, and the best thing about it is you don’t have to spend loads of money on drugs and therapists (which is just another thing to get you down). There’s nothing like trying to work through your issues while the therapist subtly looks at her watch constantly, right?

This audiobook is made in a way to give you the fundamentals you need and take them on board in your everyday life. The goal is to kill negativity and any negative psychological conditions so you can start living a happier life that will be life-changing.

Here is what you will learn about:

  • Background of cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Drug-free treatment, curing negative beliefs
  • The four secrets to why CBT is the best for therapy
  • The three-step formula to why you keep falling into bad habits
  • An ultimate goal-setting and time-management guide to reach happiness faster
  • The three types of depression 
  • Killing procrastination and turning it into productivity
  • The four secrets toward how you can create new habits that you actually keep long term
  • The seven obstacles to mindfulness and how to overcome them
  • A done-for-you work guide that drives stronger self-awareness and faster results
  • Gaining true happiness
  • Much, much more!

CBT is a practical guide you can use in everyday life easily, and once you make that first step toward helping yourself be happier, it only gets easier!

Here are just some of the psychological problems this audiobook dives into: anger, depression, stress, anxiety, bad habits, PTSD, procrastination, negative beliefs and thoughts, sleeping difficulty, bipolar, sexual disorders, panic attacks, eating disorders, phobia, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), schizophrenia, intrusive thoughts, guilt, and more.

There’s a quote from Buddha that sums up life for so many of us, and it says, “We are what we think.” In other words, if you can change your thoughts, you can change your life.

What are you waiting for? Begin your journey to happiness today!

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