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The Golden Thread

A Tale of Hope
Narrated by: Linda Roper
Length: 40 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Looking at her head was like staring into a bright ray of glorious sunshine.

A bright beam of summer with two starry eyes looking back.

Eyes, which carried such beautiful ever changing pupils within.

Pupils, which were constantly oscillating from one color to the next, as she constantly held me firmly within her fixated eyes.

She spoke.

"I have a tale to tell you. We have heard you call in the dark of night to the City of God, and I have been sent to speak with you. Time is now at a standstill, it no longer ticks. We have the endless night. You must listen.

You may question when I nod, but not until then. Listen, but do not be afraid. The Divine One has sent me to deliver this message for you, his brethren and the world. We in the Celestial City have heard the cries of the many, the silent prayers of requests, the symphonies of lamentations, the songs of longing. 'Will we see them again?' vibrates throughout our alabaster corridors."

This is a tale that illuminates hope in the darkness of grief.

Lifts hearts in moments of doubt and tells all the listeners one thing, how they can defeat the dark moments in life, when defeat seems inevitable.


Love in all its majesty is the one thing from where all goodness stems.

Love is the king and queen of life's emotions.

The empire from which kindness, compassion, empathy, charity and hope flourishes within.

Love is the greatest gift we can ever bestow to anybody, any creature or any occasion, for it elevates the soul and energizes a weary heart.

Are you ready for a journey into the unknown?

Are you ready for the tale of the Golden Thread?

A tale of such spiritual magnificence, it will forever change your life.

©2016 John Duffy (P)2017 John Duffy

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