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Publisher's Summary

Please note: This is a summary, analysis, and review of Body Love and not the original book.

Don't miss this summary of holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque's book, Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever. LeVeque's book proposes an alternative to restrictive dieting that lets you lead a fuller, happier, and healthier life.

What will you learn from listening to this book?

  • The problem with most modern day diets
  • Why most diets are almost impossible to sustain in the long term
  • That what you need is a healthy lifestyle, not a diet to correct a bad lifestyle
  • Why blood sugar is the single most important dietary enemy
  • How to control your blood sugar so it works for you, rather than against you
  • The basic building blocks of the Fabulous Four formula
  • How the Fabulous Four formula can transform your lifestyle
  • How the FFF is a sustainable, realistic, and enjoyable way of empowering your body to maintain its optimal blood sugar levels
  • Lots of delicious and creative recipes for FFF-friendly entrees and smoothies!

Book summary overview: Body Love is more than just a diet book. This book is for the person who is tired of overly restrictive diets with no room for mistakes. It is for the person who is looking for a healthy alternative to ordinary diets in the journey to better health and fitness, especially with regard to combating issues of blood sugar. Instead of dieting, LeVeque's book focuses on an overall lifestyle change that includes occasional indulgences. The Fabulous Four formula was created not only to help you more easily manage your weight through controlling your blood sugar, but also to feel more vibrant, happier, and all around fabulous!

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