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Cyber Criminals: The Tips and Hacks They Use to Crack the Financial Industry and Your Most Precious Assets

If you think an off-the-shelf antivirus program protects you, think again. Not only can't it protect you, it can't even detect sophisticated scripts that take control of your device. You need someone to show you how hackers operate and the tools they use, before you can realize how quickly they can get you, and how far they can ruin you.

This audiobook places you deeply in hacker territory. It shows you the tools they use, and the way they use it, so that you can understand the enemy before he strikes. This audiobook puts you in the driver's seat by showing you the tips, tricks, and hacks cyber criminals use. Go ahead - play with it, find out how they use it, and then protect yourself so that your data will never again fall into the hands of someone that is going to ruin your financial world.

You've worked all your life to get to where you are, but that hacker out there does not see you as a person. To him, you're just ones and zeros - bits of data behind a weak firewall. His goal is to breach that wall and rip your bits of ones and zeros to shreds, regardless of the ruin he leaves in his wake - the ruin you have to pick up.

This is how you get back at them - by using the tools they use; by understanding their weaknesses; and by keeping your most valued data out of their reach. This audiobook shows you all that, and more. You will learn where to find the tools you must have, and the strategies you must deploy to foil their attempts.

©2017 Andrew Klein (P)2017 Andrew Klein

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