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Publisher's Summary

This guide to energy drinks tackles the three most common questions about these controversial products: Are they safe? Do they work? How do they work? Within this guide, you'll meet the 20 most common ingredients found in energy drinks. For each ingredient, you'll find information on a safe/effective dose, as well as helpful stories, puns, and metaphors to learn the science behind what these ingredients do. You'll also discover the key factors that make energy drinks safe or unsafe, and how unsafe products are regulated and reported.

This guide also includes the Five Levels of Fatigue - a system developed by GreenEyedGuide to help people calculate what kind of energy drink to consume based on fatigue (or when to skip caffeine and call it a day!). The Five Levels of Fatigue categorizes products using factors like juice content, caffeine content, carbonation, and delivery method to limit caffeine tolerance and dependence.

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