Self Dev Winner: Girl, Stop Apologizing

"We’ve been hearing that it’s the year of the woman, for some time now—from an unprecedented number of female candidates running for office to women’s soccer players demanding equal pay. But this was also a year that women really found their voices in works of self development (along with its sister genre, business).

Leading the charge: my personal cheerleader, Rachel Hollis (if you follow her, you know it feels like she’s talking straight to you, keeping you on the path every day). This year Hollis became a bona fide motivational phenomenon with Girl, Stop Apologizing. A similarly straight-talking female voice emerged on the scene this year in the form of career polymath Marie Forleo, whose so-obvious-it’s-actually-brilliant motto needs to enter our collective vernacular. The Grand Dame of self dev herself, Oprah, brings together many leading voices in the field for The Path Made Clear, providing a rich tapestry of perspectives on how we can make both the world and ourselves a better place. For a more spiritual take on betterment, we have Deepak Chopra’s Metahuman, and for a tactical one on how to tune out the noise and focus on what matters, we have Nir Eyal’s Indistractible." —Courtney, Audible Editor