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Editors' Picks

Editor Sean has a knack for finding inspiring titles to feature in his monthly Self Development newsletter. Here are his top three picks from the August edition.

The Strangest Secret By: Earl Nightingale, Janice Bryant Howroyd
“The core concept of this updated edition—'we become what we think about'—demonstrates that the way we view ourselves can either reinforce or undercut our goals.”
Screenwriting 101: Mastering the Art of Story By: Angus Fletcher, The Great Courses
“What’s the best way through writer’s block? For me, the key is buffing up on the technical aspects of storytelling with listens like this one.”
It's Not What It Looks Like By: Molly Burke
“Molly artfully blends candor and kindness in relating her life experiences to blind and sighted listeners alike. It made me want to learn even more—about blindness, and about her.”