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Classic Authors

Classic Authors

They stand out for their brilliant writing and endure for their
timeless insights. Listen and revel in celebrated literature from
classic authors on Audible.

Popular Classic Writers

F. Scott

A brilliant writer and social chronicler, his life embodied myths about the American dream, Roaring 20s style.


The grand dame of detective fiction and creator of Hercule Poirot wrote more than 80 whodunits over six decades.

J. R. R.

This Oxford linguistics professor stands out in the sci-fi universe for creating languages, and worlds, of his own.

Zora Neale

Born in the South, she burst into the Harlem Renaissance and blazed trails for future writers, including Alice Walker.


Russia’s master of realistic fiction wrote two great novels of the 19th century, Anna Karenina and War and Peace.

Editors' Picks: Classic Literature Authors

The classics on our radar now.

Labor of Love: Maggie Gyllenhaal Narrates Anna Karenina

Listen to a behind-the-scenes interview with the Golden Globe-winning actress, plus an excerpt from the book.

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Best Sellers of All Time: Fiction

Getting caught up in a mystery or tangled family drama; laughing with, rooting for, or crying over people who don’t exist… That’s what great fiction authors have the power to make us do, and why we keep listening. Here are 10 masters.

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More Classic Authors
Dive into the full library of classic authors on Audible.

Ernest Hemingway
The Old Man and the Sea

Mark Twain
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby

Kurt Vonnegut

Truman Capote
Breakfast at Tiffany's

Henry David Thoreau

William Faulkner
Light in August

Louisa May Alcott
Little Women

Herman Melville
Moby Dick

Henry Miller
Tropic of Cancer

Edith Wharton
The House of Mirth

Kate Chopin
The Awakening

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