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Adventure time. These authors are skillful storytellers with ingenious imaginations.

Ready Player Two

Norse Mythology

Arcane Ascension

The Fellowship of the Ring

Andrea Vernon


Battle Ground

A Game of Thrones

Critical Mass

The Martian

The Lightning Thief

The Name of the Wind

Star Wars: Light of the Jedi

Jurassic Park

Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy

World War Z

The Three-Body Problem

The Testaments

Shadows Rising

The Last Emperox

The Witches of Eileanan

The Lies of Locke Lamora


Children of Time

Star Wars: The High Republic




Dark Matter

Minimum Wage Magic

Interview with the Vampire

Realms of the Elderlings

Wizard's First Rule

The Selection

Forging Hephaestus

The Last Odyssey: A Thriller

The Night Tiger

After It Happened

The Dragon's Blade Trilogy

The Arctic Incident

Rhythm of War

Galaxy in Flames

The Hike


Left Behind

Promise of Blood

Shadow Fall

The Space Between Worlds

The Fourth Realm

Cloud Atlas




Reborn: Apocalypse

Once Upon a River

Watchmaker of Filigree Street


A Clockwork Orange

Lost Talismans and a Tequila

Grave Importance

City of Bones

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Prelude to Dune

Cat's Cradle

The Infinite and the Divine

Legacy Series

The White Tower

The Beginning of Sorrows

Orders of Battle

Magician: Apprentice

Watcher's Test

The Last Wish

Helsreach: Warhammer 40,000

The Viridian Gate Archives

Fire Fight

The Saints of Salvation

Sea of Sand


Star Wars: Queen's Shadow

Suck It Up, Buttercup

The Calculating Stars

The Solar War

Quest for the Diamond Sword

The Plot Against America



Unconventional Heroes Series

Die Elfen

The Siberian Incident


Winds of Wrath


October Daye

The Emperor's Blades

A Darker Shade of Magic

Wheel of Time

Throne of Glass

First Law

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