A lot of people don’t think YA is for them (some of our editors even used to be so misinformed!) But some of the best, most inventive, and thoughtful writing today is happening in this genre, and we’d make the case that all grown ups have one thing in common: we were all at one time young adults. Also—this genre lives at a crossroads, intersecting with every other category. No matter what you love listening to there's a YA book out there for you. Get started below.
"I started reading Young Adult books much later than I could have possibly been considered one, but I fell in love with the genre nonetheless. The best ones capture all the intense and confusing emotions that come up during this “in-between” time—when you’re no longer a child, but also not quite ready for full-fledged adulthood. I still listen to a few a year and think of how much I could have used more of these books at that time of my life. It’s all normal!" --Erin, Audible Product Marketing
"I wasn’t really ever into Young Adult, preferring heady esoteric literature to the faster paced books that for a long time I considered to be pulp. I know, I know. But with cultural movements like Twilight being reduced to Sparkling Vampires it’s hard not to write the whole genre off. Then I tried Caraval on a recommendation from my colleague Katie, and I was glued to it. Caraval is a book that might look like it’s written for teenage girls—to some degree it is—but Stephanie Garber really knows her way around a fast moving plot, and her sense of aesthetic and character melted even my cold, pretentious heart." --Michael, Audible Editor
"I get lost in YA in a way that doesn't happen with any other genre. It's easy to find yourself in a YA protagonist, no matter what they look like or where they're from, as the issues that teens deal with are universal. What keeps me coming back, though, is how uninhibited the authors typically are. They're not afraid to go there - because they understand the importance of seeing yourself represented in the books you're reading." --Katie, Audible Editor