The Brin Archives

3 books in series
5 out of 5 stars 4 ratings

Hegira Publisher's Summary

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award winner

His species became extinct decades before the aliens rescued and cloned him, but he still must do everything he can to save them all. Karm must travel back in time, create the most powerful financial empire ever seen on the planet Dyan’ta, and assemble a team of experts who must be kept in the dark about his plans, for fear of upsetting the timeline. 

Dr. Jontar Rocker is an up-and-coming geneticist whose untested and controversial theories on cloning become the lynchpin in Karm’s schemes. Maripa - Karm’s petite and beautiful surrogate niece, personal secretary, and deadly bodyguard - must learn to trust Karm, despite his deceptions and secrets.

Can the emerging love between Dr. Rocker and Maripa survive the demons and surprises of their own past as well as Karm’s impenetrable air of mystery? Karm and his companions must save the Brin. To do so, they must band together to overcome Brach, the ambitious and obsessed monarch. 

Determined to take control of Karm's vast industrial empire, Brach joins forces with his conniving brother Pareth, leader of The Faith - an ultra-conservative religious order committed to stopping Dr. Rocker and his heretical efforts - to develop cloning techniques. Nothing less than survival of their species is at stake.

©2015 Solstice Publishing (P)2020 Jim Cronin
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