Mingo McCloud Honolulu Mysteries

7 books in series
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Mingo McCloud Bundle Publisher's Summary

Mingo McCloud, Honolulu’s hottest - well, only - forensic accountant, has an amazing career working on the Hawaiian Islands’ high-profile criminal cases. Too bad, he can’t finesse his private life with the same panache. 

His chronic attraction to bad guys comes to a skidding halt, when he meets Francois Aumary, a former green beret, and man of many secrets. Currently working for the governor’s office, Francois’s past life includes a pre-teen son, Ferric, who, like his father, becomes a major part of Mingo’s life.

Meanwhile, as Mingo handles missing and murdered people’s cases, his life takes bizarre turns. From a woman from his past claiming they were once married, there’s his mother, whose taste in men is worse than Mingo’s. Her new beau thinks he’s the lost king of Hawaii, and will stop at nothing to reclaim his throne. There’s also her mania for avocado green kitchen gadgets, and her garish, animal-print outfits.

Then, there’s the attorney Mingo works for: Benny Leonard, Korean by birth, and now a devout, Orthodox Jew. Thanks to his adoptive parents, Benny is plain nuts.

Weaving in and out of his and Mingo’s lives is a man who may just be the worst thing on two legs. Kaolin Grace does terrible things to both of them, even giving Mingo and Francois a felonious gift on their wedding day.

But that’s not all. Ferric is anxious for his two dads to get hitched, and worried that things like a haunted bridge, crazy criminal cases, and his mom wanting custody of him again might put a damper on things. As for Mingo, he’ll do whatever it takes to have a happy life, and a future without yucky green accessories.

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