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Throughout the Bible, the Holy Spirit is recorded as both rushing and resting upon people. The irony in the English language, of course, is that these words can be conceived of as antonyms. But in the Old Testament, the outcome of the rush and the rest are the same: a noticeable, almost ecstatic manifestation of the Holy Spirit upon a person.  

When the Holy Spirit rushes or rests upon someone today, all kinds of things might happen. They might speak in tongues, experience healing, cast out demons, prophesy, and much, much more. Some find themselves quite comfortable with such manifestations, while others are unsure of what to make of them - this audiobook has something to say to both sides.  

With an incredibly deep appreciation for Scripture and theology, this one-part academic and one-part spiritual work becomes a rare breed for a guide that covers the topics of the Holy Spirit and the supernatural world. Regardless of where you are on the Christian journey, this audiobook is bound to have something fresh for you.

©2018 Jamin Bradley (P)2018 Jamin Bradley

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