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Publisher's Summary

Sit down and have a drink with Eddie Crisp as he waits for his love to finish getting ready for their Las Vegas wedding. 

The Charming Swindler is the story of a young, smart, and charismatic television producer. Follow along as he tells you a tale of balancing a job and a love life while also battling alcoholism and depression. He holds nothing back in the dark, chaotic tale of the ups and downs of a modern-day relationship. 

Eddie leaves his hometown of Oakland, California, to attend college in Boston in hopes of fulfilling his dream of becoming the world's pre-eminent television producer. His wild voyage takes him further on to New York, back to Oakland, and, finally, Las Vegas where Eddie awaits his marriage to Alex, the love he met while they were both students at Walphien College. 

As his own craving and self-worth spin him out of control, Eddie shares what it means to be a 21st-century alpha male as his relationship with Alex threatens to flip that concept on its head. 

If pride comes before the fall, what comes after?

©2016 Jeff Musillo and Michelkin Publishing (P)2017 Jeff Musillo and Michelkin Publishing

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