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Publisher's Summary

Prayer for brown belt students:

Oh, Heavenly Father, I pray now for the students who are entering brown belt - I pray that You continue to lead them, guide them, and protect them as they move forward and continue their progression in this martial arts ministry. Father, God, I pray Lord that You teach them how to endure and persevere, regardless of the circumstances, situations, or dynamics. Teach them to have an immovable heart - steadfast, committed, and resolute. Help them to understand that endurance in you, Lord God is one of the keys to life.

Father, God, help them to understand what the Christian warrior spirit is all about - help them to understand Your example of endurance and perseverance, even onto the cross. Father, help them to understand how to be strong during times of tribulation and persecution, when they arise - Father, help them to truly be the salt and the light of the world, regardless of the situational dynamics. Father, I pray Lord that You would give them the courage, boldness, and faith to do Your will, regardless of the outcome.

In Jesus name - Amen.

Table of Contents:

  • Special Request
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgment
  • Forward
  • Prayer for Brown Belt Students
  • Chapter 1: How to utilize this Book
  • Chapter 2: Is it Biblical?
  • Chapter 3: The Brown Belt
  • Chapter 4: Colors of the Cross - Brown - Enduring in Christ
  • Chapter 5: Learning through Creation
  • Chapter 6: Defending Your Faith
  • Chapter 7: Lesson Wrap-Up

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God bless.

©2017 American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. (P)2017 American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc.

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