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Publisher's Summary

Isn't it nice to have everything you want in one place? 

When you're looking for a guide on accelerated learning, you don't want to also have to buy another guide on speed-reading and another one on memory - you want it all! That's why this bible was created - so that you can get everything you need to know about learning faster all in one place. 

You'll learn: 

  • How to determine your learning style 
  • How to make a learning plan that matches your specific learning style 
  • The secret keys to make anyone good at speed-reading 
  • How to improve your memory without working on memorization exercises 
  • How to increase productivity so that you get things done faster

I'm all about efficiency, so no need to continue reading this book description. Pick up Accelerated Learning: The Bible today and start maximizing your efficiency. 

©2018 Jared Vader (P)2018 Jared Vader

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