I’m just a few years younger than Saturday Night Live, which is gearing up to air its 44th season this fall. Maybe that’s why I’m so intimately familiar with just about every iteration of its cast and skits, including personal favorites like Buckwheat, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, and last season’s ridiculous Diner Lobster. But the show that brings us reliable weekend laughs has also seen its share of tragedy, from addiction and illness to diversity issues and the too-soon deaths of some of its brightest stars. Along with Live From New York, the definitive oral account of the show’s history, I find that personal memoirs of cast members and guests tell a nuanced side of the story, often in the very voices of those who were there. Plus, some standout multicast comedies starring SNL alums were way too good to not include, so if you’re looking for something to tide you over while the show is on summer hiatus, you can start right there.—Kat, Audible Editor

Don't Miss These Multicast Comedies Starring SNL Alums