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Hear why so many people are loving audio-guided training. Transform the body and the mind with our workout, meditation, and sleep programs—no credits needed.

Discover our two types of guided programs
Listen for your mind and your body.

Listen for your mind and your body.

Audible has always fueled the minds of our listeners, and now we want to give our members the chance to fuel their bodies too. That’s why membership now includes these fitness and wellness programs—at no cost for members. For a hands-free experience, listen on your phone, Echo, Apple Watch, or Sonos devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

These audio-guided programs are designed to help you achieve your meditation and fitness goals. All programs are lead by certified coaches and trainers.
Programs by MoveWith are yours to keep. Once you download this content, it will stay in your Library. However, programs by Aaptiv are available through September 5, 2019, and you will no longer have access to these programs after that date.
Once you add the program to your Library, you will be able to start the first episode right away. New episodes will appear automatically in your Library on a weekly basis, starting in February 2019.
These programs are included in your Audible membership and are free to download. If you are not an Audible member, you may still get this content for the prices listed on each program.
These programs can all be found on Audible and are all available on this page, or by searching MoveWith or Aaptiv on Audible.

All programs by Aaptiv are available through September 5, 2019.

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